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Hi, I’m Ed, a 30 something tech from deepest Scotland and part time opinionated citizen of the Internet. Outside of  my real job, I’m a massive fan of Guild Wars 2 and other MMORPGs. I write and play with the team at Gaiscioch, as well as drooling over any shiny new tech. I go by the online handle Screenager and regularly share my opinions on the games I play. I’ve been writing for various titles for the last few years so feel free to browse my work. If you have anything you’d like to ask just send me a message

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Take a look at some of my previous work over in the articles page.

View some of my Youtube content, this is all still under reconstruction

Check out the weekend warriors stream I join every Saturday at gsch.info and twitch.tv/screenag3r

Articles Mail: ed@characterselect.net