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Hi, I’m Ed, a 30 something tech from deepest Scotland and part time opinionated citizen of the Internet. Outside of  my real job, I’m a massive fan of Guild Wars 2 and I’ve been playing a ton of Blade & Soul on top of that. I go by the online handle Screenager and I love sharing my opinions on the games I play. I’ve been writing for various titles for the last few years so feel free to browse my work. If you have anything you’d like to ask just send me a message

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What’s to see?

Take a look at some of my previous work over in the articles page.

View some of my Youtube content, this is all still under reconstruction

Check out the Foostival UK, a project I’m very much involved in

Under construction

While I’m reworking this site you will see more content, shiftinglayouts and  probably the odd wierd thing happening. Please bear with it and

Articles Mail: ed@characterselect.net