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Hi, I’m Ed. Tech, Scot, gamer, owner of many opinions, and too eager to share them. I struggle to remember the very first time I played a video game, but I can still remember the smell of a new cartridge, a colossal 256 colours on screen, and the whine of my first dial up modem. It’s been a while. Since then I’ve lost countless hours to the internet, run gaming communities, been part of some awesome events, and written for a few publications. If you’d like to find out more about what I do now have a look around and follow me on social media. Thanks for visiting.

Thanks for visiting

What’s to see?

Take a look at some of my previous work with MMOBuff, Pixel Dynamo, and Gaiscioch Magazine

Join me as I play online, offline and across forge.gg, youtube and twitch

Check out the weekend warriors stream I join every Saturday at gsch.info and twitch.tv/screenag3r

Articles Mail: ed@characterselect.net